And that's how it all began.

Once upon a time...

I started a channel on Instagram with short live events on presentations.

One reason is to give away some content. Second was to train myself in front of a camera (Practice Practice Practice!). And believe me: sitting in front of a camera is a very different pair of shoes than presenting to a live audience. I may be weird but I prefer real people over camera lens.

And the third reason to start those came with COVID pandemic - with fewer opportunities to present face to face recording gave me the opportunity to practice my skills in lockdown situation.

Those videos can be found on

Instagram: @presentations_plus

And for now this is a place where it happens live every 2 weeks on a Monday. If you wish to be a part of this event live but you live in a different time zone - drop a comment under this post what time suits and I will see if I can accommodate an extra session :)

Facebook: Presentations-Plus

Youtube: Presentations-Plus

and recently

LinkedIn: Presentations Plus video courses

Feel free to follow me on any of those and you will be always up to date. Or join the Newsletter for updates and announcements.

All right. Enough chit-chat.

This was my first live video on this channel:

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