Since early childhood every person carries a burden of wrong beliefs, blockages, complexes and unsolved emotions. Those disable many from achieving their full potential. Many people are not aware how to consciously overcome those restrains that are anchored to our subconsciousness.
Fear of public speaking comes from the necessity to leave your Comfort Zone
Two most powerful fears of humanity are death and public speaking. In many professions you will be required though to present yourself in front of smaller or larger public in order to progress
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I utilise this time to make this course even better. 

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Presentations course
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Overcome your stage stress!
Prepare awesome presentations!
Presentations Plus
You will feel more excitement and less fear before your next presentation.
Therefore I invite you to join the course that will enable you to do it. 
This course can be bought in two varieties
Basic and Premium
Basic version includes:
Premium version includes:
- Online course
- E-book "10 things"
- Online course with lifelong update              €499
- E-book "10 things"                                       €11.99
- 2 webinars x 30 minutes                           2x   €49
- 5 (!) hours of online coaching                    5x  €99
- Review of 2 presentations (PP or KN)    2x  €38
€ 511
€ 1179.99
€ 149 (saving 70%)
€ 612 (saving 48%)
Pre-sale closed. The course is being improved and brushed up with a group of innovators. Soon it will be available for purchase again.
"Interesting training session. Surely will facilitate my public presentations. Anyone who took part in it will focus more on body language. Amateurs don't do that."
"Thank you for an opportunity to participate. I will surely use those techniques in various life situations'
Reviews from my live event:
-       You will develop public speaking skills
-       You will brake through the barriers within your mind
-      You will get technical tips on constructing a perfect presentation
-       You will learn all the common mistakes and how to avoid them
-       You will have influence on how your body is reacting during a public speech
Why get interested?
I beg your patience!
This period of unavailability is to make this course even better
Practical content even in theoretical sections - write from the start.
Exercises that change your attitude and skills "on the go"
Many hours of video content.
I am currently working with a group of innovators. Once the course is brushed up it will be possible to join our community again.
Exercised causing your body, your emotions , your mind and your subconsciousness to work for you instead of against you. 
Recipes for simple and efficient presentations using different platforms. 
Lessons explaining sources of fear. Lessons how to take a positive stance both mentally and emotionally.
In 10 sections of my course you will find:
And here's how it works:
What am I getting for my money?
-     Online version of Medical Presentations Course - including lifelong updates. (worth €499) 
-     Five hours of one-on-one coaching with me (online) worth €99 each PREMIUM
-     E-book "10 things" worth €11.99 
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-    2 webinars reviewing and broadening the knowledge you gathered (2x €99) PREMIUM
-    Critical review of 2 of your PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations (2x €38) PREMIUM
Reviews from my live event:
Presentations-Plus Video Course
If this course does not stand to your expectations, please - write to me within 30 days and I will refund you the course fee. 
Money-back guaranteed